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Day 6 Journal self-talk

Day 6 Journal self-talk

Whether you think you can, or think you can’t, you’re right. - Henry Ford

Are you an instinctive skeptic? You may benefit from identifying your negative inner language. Once we are aware of the things that we say, and how they might be holding us back from our goals, we can make subtle changes and improve our success. 

Goal day 6: Write down 3 common self-sabotaging thoughts in your journal.

Quick note:

Think about the last time you questioned yourself in a situation — Was the language in your mind based on how you truly felt about yourself/situation, or did someone make a rude comment that distracted your train of thought?

This type of distracted thinking is damaging over time, we call it the slow leak of security. Your best bet is to ID the source, sift through the weeds of thought, and get to the root cause. Although it is helpful to ID this yourself, having a coach or an appropriate sounding board is truly more beneficial. Aspire works with athletes often, on the simple exercise exposing the “roots” of their inner conversations, and re-cultivating the right self-talk for positive growth.

Today — start with just identifying the negative comments that intrude your path of success — there are no further steps at this time— just ID and walk-away without answering. It is a very purposeful and powerful exercise. We will eventually work through this in the days to come :)

Have a great day!

Day 7 Choose stress wisely

Day 7 Choose stress wisely

Day 5  5-minute P.M. stretch

Day 5 5-minute P.M. stretch