The process

The process of working with Aspire is very simple. You can reach out in whichever way you feel more comfortable; email, call, or text. Then provide brief details about the type of information in which you are interested; general athlete wellness, athlete parenting strategies, modern coaching processes, coaching methods for both head coaches and staff (see Modern coaching blog), recovery strategies, higher level focus in practice or training, nutrition or best medical resources, or mental health first aid.

  • Face to face consults are typically in the morning, I also travel for individual consults and group sessions according to time frame.

  • Phone consults are mid-morning and later afternoon, but these may vary to match time-zones.

  • On-site texting is available as a quick way to re-focus at the comp, pre-practice, and so forth. Aspire works best ad-lib and thrives off of providing strategies for the most high level pressure. Many athletes LOVE this feature! Call/email, or text to find-out more.

Your personalized plan

During consults, general information is gathered and we begin to pull-apart the details of your situation. A blueprint of strategies is sketched and brought back to the studio desk to build a cutting edge personal plan.

This plan then, is emailed directly to you. (young athletes can request that email/copy goes to parent/guardian.

Fine tuning & regulating

Finally, it is your turn to implement and own the strategies we create by adding your print to the process. You will take personal time to discover what works best and what needs more color then reach out to me to continue to either saturate or simplify the process. We will work until it becomes automatic and you are ready for the next level blueprint.

Look forward to chatting soon,

~ Traci