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Mental Ready-mix. The intro-addition.

Mental Ready-mix. The intro-addition.

STILL trying to prove to yourself that thinking positive is legit? (Pssst... we know it is!) And, since we are all crazy-active with stacked schedules, we decided to save you time!  Aspire mixed some fast-acting trigger phrases. THINK: Powerful statements, mindful of what is needed most, under pressure and on the go ~

  • Compartmentalize your challenges; take one step at a time.

  • Have confidence in calmness; another words, reassure yourself that if you remain calm, you will be in control to make a smart decision to handle the next step.

  • Know that each step in this process is a learning experience.

  • Focus on TRUST.

  • TRUST is one of the most important elements of high level, athletic thinking.

  • TRUST yourself, your goals, and the way you are working towards these goals.

  • Keep asking yourself the question: What can I do to make my next turn be on target with my goal?

  • When you are overwhelmed ~ use your breath, relax your joints, and slow your thoughts until you are thinking of one important thing at a time.

  • The athlete that continues to move through the waves of trial, at a steady pace, remaining persistent and consistent, is the one who finds success.

  • You can go through these trials with stress, or with an attitude of curiosity and interest, wanting to seek the best response to each test.

  • Choose an attitude that will make you stronger.

  • Choose an attitude that is the most positive.

  • Choose to share this attitude with those around you.

  • Remember, be kind to yourself, and others. What goes around comes around.

  • You have talent both physically and emotionally; TRUST in this.


Mental Ready-mix. Big-comp addition.

Mental Ready-mix. Big-comp addition.

Race day self-sabotage. Problem solved.

Race day self-sabotage. Problem solved.