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Mental Ready-mix. Big-comp addition.

Mental Ready-mix. Big-comp addition.

With so many athletes getting ready to hit the road for BIG events, (THINK: World Games & Olympics :) we’ve been called to throw out a MRM geared towards avoiding a huge! big-comp pitfall.

So what is this big-comp pitfall?

It is simply, failure to own a pre-comp plan.

Keep reading to see why this issue can cause epic angst if overlooked.

You’ve trained amazingly all season, fine tuning every move during each practice, and feel totally comp ready.  Yet, you realize it is your mindset and perspective immediately before the race, that creates the difference between the champion and the remaining contestants.  So, what does it take to be rock solid in those pre-comp few minutes? Just like those on stage, athletes need to memorize what they are going to think, say and do, before and during each part of competition. 

Because, the wait and see method, is a guaranteed crasher.

Don’t believe us?  After working with hundreds of top athletes, over the past 15 years we’ve seen the outcome of the wait and see method, and it is NOT worth it.  First, your mind falls into a mode of curiosity.  If the curiosity mode leans towards the question: What is going to happen next?  Then, your mind falls into protection mode, and this is when the psycho-somatic symptoms of nervousness begin… (THINK: butterflies, jumpy gut, or heart running its own race right out of your chest).

How to handle this?

Call in the script.

An athletic script, is a handwritten plan; a step by step process of what will take place before, during, and after competition.  (Yes après comp is part of a screaming success plan…but the proof of WHY, will be revealed later ;)

Start with this template to compose your big comp MRM:

·       Ask: What is the goal of this race?

·       (Example: to finish on the podium)

·       Ask: To reach the podium, what are the technical aspects (from beginning to end) in which I need to focus? (Think in physical terms) What shapes, positions, and movements does my body need to make, during each turn, jump etc.?

·       Now write your answers.

·       Finally, review what you have written and edit.  Shorten each phrase, and tighten up the language so your sentences become what we call cue phrases; things you say to yourself at each part of the race to remain focused and on task.

REMEMBER:  We need to focus on the physical, to override the mental mode of protection. Here are some custom examples of physical cues we’ve collected:

·       Solid core

·       Stable legs

·       Move edge to edge

·       Lean in full body

·       Chest up

·       Power from the legs

·       Legs work, upper body locks into position

·       Weight over the top

·       Stand tall

·       Eye contact, focus, body follows

Now you MRM is ready and all you have to do is…

·       Practice

·       memorize

·       Recall your cue

·       Say your cue

·       Execute your cue

Remember: If your mind remains focused on the physical, negative thoughts will not interfere.  And, making an extra effort to go aggressively during your task, is actually safer.  Holding back, and waiting to see if you are going to “make-it” is a quick trip to failure.  So go for it, TRUST in focusing physically.

FINALLY!!! After practice and après competition plan

Be ritualistic with preparing something to look forward to after training and competition.  The mind runs on a very systematic craving for reward.  Having something to look forward to, after a thrust of hard work, will increase the chance that you will mentally push through a challenge.

Good luck!


Unavoidable teen pressures? Problem solved.

Unavoidable teen pressures? Problem solved.

Mental Ready-mix. The intro-addition.

Mental Ready-mix. The intro-addition.