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Training checkpoints: plan well, train better, and perform at peak

Training checkpoints: plan well, train better, and perform at peak

We all love a good cheer, right? Whether it is giving one or receiving one, it is significantly helpful to have a support system that will cheer you on in the toughest of times. It is just as important (if not more) however, to be able to dig deep within, and pull-out your personalized zero to hero motivation strategy.  The best way to do this, is to assemble what Aspire likes to call a mind-kit; a thick packet of powerful strategies for any challenge-bumps you meet on the road to success.  

We have outlined some of the best points to get you started. This template will enable you to feel a little more confident each day, and a lot more confident by the time the high-pressure situations arrive. It is simple and do-able. We recommend reading through and answering the questions as they come to you – and then setting aside time later to review and add to your answers. This strategy is helpful to see your thought methods on a whim versus with a little more consideration and time to review.  


Assess your situation. 

THINK: How can I make it better? 


Gather information. 

THINK: What are the best resources to make my training and performance the best it can be?


Evaluate whether or not your thinking is positive.

THINK: Is my self-talk helpful and growth oriented? 


Organize your training and daily actions.

THINK: Do I plan my schedule/assignments to incorporate work, rest and play?


Imagine what it would be like to be a world class athlete.

THINK: Do I provide enough time in my schedule to allow my brain to be creative; including vivid visualization and goal-oriented dreaming? 


Rethink any negative feelings associated with critical feedback.

Think: Am I able to sift through feedback from my coaches/teammates and select constructive information for future use?


Select what works and what does not.

Think: Do I take time to evaluate challenging situations, and focus or re-focus on what will work and then act accordingly?


Accept help from others with an open mind.

THINK: Do I remain emotionally open to accept help from others?


Help others with their needs.

THINK: Do I take the time to listen to the desires of others and help them be happy/successful or feel fulfilled?

Whether you are an athlete, coach, or parent, in sport the process/goals are the same: plan well, train right, perform at best, and enjoy the process. These core elements not only help with growth in sport, but growth in all aspects of life. Please contact us to expand your level of planning, training, and performing.  

Overthinking. Problem solved.

Overthinking. Problem solved.

Success flop. Problem solved.

Success flop. Problem solved.