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Aspire sport life: Quick tips to remain socially balanced in the world of high level training

Aspire sport life: Quick tips to remain socially balanced in the world of high level training

Maintaining friendships is a challenge for many of us. Add high level athletic training to the mix, and hanging with friends can seem like a chore. But friendships are very important to our well-being. It is backed by research that we tend to thrive in a tribal atmosphere. Even a little social connection here and there can boost the right stuff to help stabilize your health (and performance:) in the long run. If you are struggling to find the time to squeeze in a social session; here are a few ideas to get you through the loading days of training:


Consistency calms us

Send good morning texts to a select few friends.

Open a pocket of time to grab a cup of coffee, smoothie, or cool down walk with a friend; even if it is once a month, be sure to get it on the calendar.


Creativity provides a flow of opportunity

Think outside the box: training mates might drive you crazy training, but if you hang in a different atmosphere, you may see a different side of them. Ask them over to watch a race, match, or something of mutual interest.


Outside the box eventually becomes inside the box

Interact in the moment: instead of constantly making plans to do something in the future – sit for 3-5 extra minutes after certain practices and talk, stretch, or hop on a cool-down bike. By the end of the month you will have banked an extra hour of bonding – which also eases you into the real world of communication and socializing, when sport is not as intense.  


Parents of youth athletes can plant a healthy social seed 

Find commonalities with other parents. 

Set up a time to walk for 20 minutes during your child’s class or training session.

This is not only good for you; it may spark ideas for various interactions that can help build social skills for your kiddos.


For more personal questions or ideas on social interaction for athletes and students contact Aspire. 

Overthinking. Problem solved.

Overthinking. Problem solved.