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Cranberry macadamia FZB

Cranberry macadamia FZB

My boys and I made our first “food zone bar” last year, as an after school snack. Since then, we have been re-creating from a base recipe with awesome combinations. This is one of our holiday favorites ~ perfect either before or after practice. Enjoy!

Preheat oven to 375°

Gather the following supplies:

1 large bowl and spoon

1 blender

1 sheet parchment

1 large jellyroll pan


Mix following ingredients in one large bowl

2 cups gluten free pancake flour

4 eggs

1/2 (or more if needed) cup macadamia milk

2 tablespoons of oil

3 tablespoon of maple syrup

1/2 cup dark chocolate chips

1 tsp cinnamon

1 tsp vanilla

½ cup macadamia nuts

¼ cup fresh cranberries


Stir first to mix in all ingredients, then add to blender, and grind.

Scoop and press evenly onto parchment covered jelly-roll pan.

Place in oven and bake until golden.

Usually takes 12-15 minutes.

Once cooled, cut into desired convenient shapes and size ~ 

Post practice mushroom & swiss fritatta

Post practice mushroom & swiss fritatta

Go-to chocolate smoothie

Go-to chocolate smoothie