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Go-to chocolate smoothie

Go-to chocolate smoothie

Berry chocolate lovers: this is for you! If your day is stacked with practice, games, or intense exercise and studies, your best bet is to choose easily digested foods until you have time for a more relaxing warm meal. This vegan chocolate shake inspired by the @Vega_team and Tess Masters @theblendergirl, is great when you crave an afternoon treat, yet need some nutrient dense fuel. Although we like to use whole foods in most of our snack & meal preparations, once in a while we supplement for convenience, and a boost of vitamins.

4 Ice cubes

½ Cup blueberries & raspberries frozen (antioxidants)

1 Banana (potassium & texture)

1 Scoop Vega proteins and greens (vanilla) (vits & enzymes)

1 Cup Ripple milk (protein, DHA omegas)

1 tsp Hemp hearts (omegas & fiber)

2 tsp Cacao powder (deep flavor, antioxidants)

Cinnamon to taste (flavor & possibly regulates blood sugar)

Few dashes of Turmeric (anti-inflammatory)


Cranberry macadamia FZB

Cranberry macadamia FZB

Chocolate chip oat & roasted sweet potato cookies

Chocolate chip oat & roasted sweet potato cookies