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Shūcài wǎn (Chinese vegetable bowl)

Shūcài wǎn (Chinese vegetable bowl)

“One that takes medicine and neglects diet, wastes the skills of the physician.”

Traveling to Asia and training with Asian athletes, allowed me to gain a deeper cultural understanding of sharing different types of food. I overcame some rigid thinking, like eating soup or vegetables, is only for afternoon and evening meals. While competing in Asia, we often had soup for breakfast!

This dish is a mock version of some of the more authentic bowls, but still packs in so many nutrients and powerful recovery foods. We may run around crazy all week long, but taking some time to enjoy food with others, is not only important to a busy training regimen, it can be therapuetic for everyone involved.

Cook and set aside

4 grilled chicken breast sliced thin

3 fried eggs (lightly break yolks and mix into whites before flipping and slice into thick strips)

12-16 jumbo shrimp cooked with olive oil (crisp on outside soft on inside)

1 cup broth (of choice)

1-2 cups thin rice noodles or rice (optional)


Place all following ingredients in Cuisinart to be coarsely ground: blend and set dressing aside

½ cup olive oil

1 avocado

1 heaping tbsp. of each:

o   Almonds

o   Macadamias

o   Peanuts

Dash of (or more to taste):

·       Turmeric

·       Chili powder

·       Cumin

·       Basil

·       Black pepper

Squeeze of ½:

·       Fresh Orange

·       Fresh Lemon

·       Fresh Lime


Prepare greens: chop and place romaine in 1 bowl all others in separate bowl to be sautéed

·       3 cups or more romaine

·       1 cup arugula

·       1 cup baby Bok-choy (may braise if prefer)

·       1 cup endive

·       ½ cup cress – stems removed

·       ½ cup red cabbage sliced thin

·       ½ cup small diced tomatoes

·       Tamari sauce and fresh basil for garnish


  1. Heat large wok or skillet coated with small amount of cooking oil

  2. Add all greens (except romaine), sauté lightly to soften and add broth just until warmed through

  3. Remove from heat set aside

  4. In a large serving bowl, place warmed greens and noodles

  5. Top with romaine

  6. Top with (desired amount) of dressing

  7. Layer chicken above greens

  8. Scattered shrimp on top of chicken

  9. Gently spatula sliced fried egg on top of chicken and shrimp

  10. Add ½ cup small diced tomatoes

  11. Sprinkle with a few drips of tamari-sauce

  12. Garnish with a few fresh leaves of basil  




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