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Commitment and choices

Commitment and choices

I danced and became focused.  I focused and realized how well I could dance. 

There is a lot to talk about, when it comes to the art of making good choices.  There are few specific choices, however, that lead to a lifetime of successful achievements.  Some people have mastered these choices.

Meet Natalie, an Aspire student, friend, dancer and true artist at work on the stage and studio.  Although at a young age, immediate gratification for Natalie was tempting, she developed an unbelievable ability to focus and make good choices.  We wanted to know her story, and thankfully she was willing to share. 

Dance has kept me focused on making good choices, because I have had to make good choices in order to keep dancing.  In fact, one of the earliest associations I have with dance, is walking through the doorway after elementary school, and having to immediately start my homework to complete it before dance.          

When I was younger, I argued with my dad because he would not let me sit on the couch and watch cartoons like all the other kids did after school.  Yet, after a few years I stopped complaining.  The dreadful duty of doing my homework, no longer felt like a duty at all anymore.  Schoolwork, a task I had once considered to be a burden, suddenly became a conscious choice I was making.  It became a part of my daily routine, and my efforts enabled me pursue what I love.  It wasn’t just about getting homework done before dance anymore - it was about making sure that I was an overall disciplined person. 

Because of dance, I needed to be excellent in the pursuit of commitment, and I began to recognize the results from such a commitment.  I grew to understand I was blessed to be dancing twenty hours a week.  The more I danced, the more I loved the hard work and commitment that dance required, in school, in the studio, and in prioritizing my opportunities. 

We need to make so many choices all through our lives.  When choices are in effort to pursue a dream, they become good for the soul. I know in my heart, my mind, and my soul that I want to dance as part of my education, and use this experience for my career.  Following my passion made good choices, come easy.

But this want did not become reality, until I turned down some other wants for my dream goal.  Some choices were hard to make. At one point, it meant I needed to break away from some friends who did not support my passion, and refrain from activities that put my body in danger of jeopardizing everything I dreamed to pursue.  One of the most memorable sacrifices I made, was on the night of a really fun party that all my friends were attending; I decided to stay home and study for a midterm.  Although it was a difficult choice, it was the right choice, and I would make the same choice if in a similar situation.

Through every choice I make, I hold myself accountable to stay true to my dream to make a career out of what I love the most - dance.            

Even though I am still figuring out where this journey will take me, I know one thing for sure: Mastering the art of making good choices has enabled me to dance, and dancing is my dream.


Building a support system, to make good choices, is the first step in reaching your goal.  Aspire supports good choices.  And we seek athletes and performing artist that strive to make good choices.  If you are wondering if the path you are willing to pursue is a good choice, chat with us, and let us know your story. 

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