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Maintaining mental health: athletes and outreach

Maintaining mental health: athletes and outreach

Let them come to you, leaving restored and happier. Be a message of kindness, through your smile, eyes, heart, and actions.

 “Research has shown that teens who engage in community service are more responsible with higher self-esteem and resilience. Volunteering helps the teens gain new skills necessary for the job market such as leadership, communication skills, dependability, time management, and decision making. Teens who volunteer perform better at school and also build a stronger resume for college and scholarship applications.” – Shobha Bhaskar, MD

The action of kindness manifests an energy that is difficult to put into words or feelings. Kindness nourishes you and me, and establishes relationships. Relationships are the core to a community, and a strong community will conquer selfishness. As individuals, we are not perfect. Yet, if we open our minds to giving and getting help, individual flaws become silent and faded. Coaches, parents, and athletes can all take advantage of their unique talents, to not only help others, but also renew themselves, and in turn prevent burnout.

If your child has the opportunity through school, or elsewhere, to become a volunteer or share their time, support them in this venture. If your child is shy, and face to face contact does not come easy, remember it takes patience and practice. Websites and links both help with this barrier.

Currently, my son has an opportunity through school to raise money for the American Heart Association http://www2.heart.org/goto/taithn.  We are using this opportunity to help him learn the effort it takes to earn money, as well as provide something of worth for others. The AHA is a great portal but, you can find a suitable fit for your athlete through a site such as volunteer match among others. Please let us know if you have questions pertaining to youth/athlete volunteering, or mental-tools to encourage one’s comfort in giving.



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